Almost the size of a melon, the pomelo is one of the largest citrus fruits and is grown in the lush tropical landscapes of its native Southeast Asia.

In perfumery, pomelo is used as a citrus note with a unique, zesty, and slightly bitter aroma, and is prized for its vibrant freshness with a touch of tanginess.

Fragrance Pyramid

Pomelo is often used as a Top Note, bringing a zesty, refreshing upfront burst of citrus freshness to the fragrance.

Scent Summary

  • Zesty
  • Fresh
  • Slightly Bitter
  • Tangy
  • Lively

What Does Pomelo Smell Like?

Pomelo in perfumery presents a fresh, citrusy aroma with a hint of sweet and slightly bitter notes. Its invigorating, bright smell adds a lively, tangy citrus quality to fragrance compositions.

In fragrance, you will find the unique, tangy scent of the pomelo note perfect for adding an energetic, refreshing, vibrant twist to any perfume.

Complementing Notes

Pomelo’s zesty, lively nature complements a variety of notes.

  • Mint: For a cool, refreshing touch.
  • Sandalwood: Adding a creamy, smooth depth.
  • Rose: For a soft, floral contrast.
  • Ginger: Enhancing with a spicy kick.
  • Vetiver: Creating an earthy, grounding base.
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