In perfumery, apple adds a crisp, fresh, and slightly sweet fruity touch, reminiscent of orchards in bloom and autumnal harvests.

As a universally beloved fruit, apple is cultivated globally, with notable varieties from notable apple-growing regions in the USA and France. 

Fragrance Pyramid

Apple typically serves as a Top Note in the fruity group of notes, lending an immediate burst of freshness and fruity sweetness to a fragrance.

Scent Summary

  • Crisp
  • Fresh
  • Juicy
  • Sweet
  • Light

What Does Apple Smell Like?

The scent of apple in a fragrance imparts a crisp, fresh aroma with a sweet-tart nuance reminiscent of orchard air and youthful vibrancy, blending well with floral and woody notes.

Complementing Notes

Apple’s crisp, fresh character pairs wonderfully with various notes.

  • Cinnamon: For a warm, spicy twist.
  • Sandalwood: Adding a creamy, woody depth.
  • Rose: For a soft, floral elegance.
  • Vanilla: Enhancing with a sweet, comforting touch.
  • Musk: Creating a subtle, clean base.
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