Blackberry is a fruity note known for its rich, tangy, and sweet profile that adds a robust, fruity depth to any blackberry-heavy fragrance. 

Conjuring images of wild, tangled brambles and the first taste of autumn, the blackberry thrives in regions like Europe, North America, and my back garden!

Fragrance Pyramid

Blackberry often serves as a Top Note or Heart Note, lending a juicy, tangy sweetness to fragrance.

Scent Summary

  • Rich
  • Tangy
  • Sweet
  • Juicy
  • Earthy

What Does Blackberry Smell Like?

In perfumery, blackberry essence exudes a lush, juicy aroma with a tart yet sweet tanginess reminiscent of freshly picked, rich, ripe berries. 

Its scent offers a deep, fruity character that adds a vibrant, succulent layer to fruity-floral fragrances, evoking images of summer gardens and adding complexity with its slightly woody undertones.

Complementing Notes

Blackberry’s rich, tangy nature complements a variety of notes.

  • Patchouli: For an earthy, deep contrast.
  • Vanilla: Adding a sweet, creamy dimension.
  • Cedarwood: For a grounding, woody depth.
  • Musk: Enhancing with a clean, subtle base.
  • Peony: Creating a bright, floral balance.
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