In perfumery, the fruity note of cherry imparts a juicy, rich, fruity sweetness with a slightly tart and somewhat bitter aroma profile.

Cherry trees (Prunus avium) grow in temperate regions worldwide, notably in Europe, North America, Asia and the Far East.

Fragrance Pyramid

Cherry typically acts as a Top Note or Heart Note, adding a unique burst of sweet, fruity charm to a fragrance.

Scent Summary

  • Juicy
  • Sweet
  • Slightly Tart
  • Luscious
  • Vibrant

What Does Cherry Smell Like?

Cherry exudes a sweet aroma reminiscent of ripe, juicy fruit to perfume. It combines a luscious, succulent sweetness with a hint of tartness, creating a sometimes bitter fragrance note.

I find the note of cherry adds a playful and indulgent touch to cherry-heavy perfumes and works well in spring, summer and fall.

Complementing Notes

Cherry’s sweet, vibrant character pairs well with various notes. Also, check out these 3 Tom Ford cherry perfumes.

  • Vanilla: For a creamy, gourmand twist.
  • Almond: Adding a nutty, warm depth.
  • Rose: For a soft, floral elegance.
  • Chocolate: Enhancing with a decadent richness.
  • Musk: Creating a subtle, sensual base.
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