Thyme is a herb with a subtly earthy and lemony herbaceous aroma that thrives in the sunny climes of the Mediterranean. 

In perfumery, thyme adds a delicate, aromatic touch, evoking uplifting images of wild, sun-drenched landscapes and ancient herbal lore.

Fragrance Pyramid

Thyme is often used as a Top Note or Heart Note, providing a subtle, aromatic freshness to the scent.

Scent Summary

  • Subtly Earthy
  • Lemony
  • Aromatic
  • Fresh
  • Herbal

What Does Thyme Smell Like?

Thyme in a perfume gives a sharp, herbaceous aroma with a slightly woody undertone, blending earthy and minty notes, creating a refreshing, rustic, and aromatic fragrance.

This herb has an unassuming herbal quality and adds a quiet, refreshing charm to any fragrance, like a whisper of the Mediterranean countryside.

Complementing Notes

Thyme’s delicate, fresh herbaceousness pairs beautifully with a range of notes.

  • Bergamot: For a bright, citrus accent.
  • Fig: Adding a sweet, green dimension.
  • Sandalwood: For a creamy, warm base.
  • Lavender: Enhancing with a floral, soothing quality.
  • Cedarwood: Creating a solid, woody foundation.
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