Labdanum, a resin from a flowering plant that is used in perfumery, adds a rich, complex depth, often associated with leathery and woody notes.

This resin note is derived from the Cistus plant, commonly found in the Mediterranean region.

Fragrance Pyramid

Labdanum typically serves as a Base Note, providing a deep, warm, and leathery quality to fragrances.

Scent Summary

  • Warm
  • Amber-like
  • Slightly Musky
  • Complex
  • Leathery

What Does Labdanum Smell Like?

Labdanum in perfumery emits a warm, ambery fragrance with resinous, sweet, and slightly leathery facets. Its rich, sensual aroma adds depth, warmth, and an oriental allure to fragrances.

I recommend a Labdanum-heavy fragrance for when you want a rich, deep character for a sophisticated, mysterious edge to your scent.

Complementing Notes

Labdanum’s deep, warm character pairs excellently with various notes.

  • Oud: For a luxurious, woody depth.
  • Rose: Adding a floral, romantic contrast.
  • Vanilla: For a sweet, gourmand touch.
  • Sandalwood: Enhancing with a creamy, smooth quality.
  • Patchouli: Creating an earthy, rich base.
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