Cardamom is a spice known for its aromatic, slightly sweet spiciness and the plant’s pods are sourced from countries such as Guatemala and India. 

In perfumery, cardamom adds an exotic, intriguing layer, often evoking the mystique of distant lands and spices markets.

Fragrance Pyramid

Cardamom typically acts as a Top Note or Heart Note, introducing an aromatic, spicy freshness.

Scent Summary

  • Aromatic
  • Spicy
  • Slightly Sweet
  • Fresh
  • Exotic

What Does Cardamom Smell Like?

Cardamom fragrances are like a journey to an exotic market. Its aromatic, spicy-sweet, camphorous profile is both fresh and intriguing. 

It also has a slightly green, zesty quality that adds a unique, sophisticated twist to any scent.

Complementing Notes

Cardamom’s exotic spiciness complements a variety of notes.

  • Sandalwood: For a smooth, creamy base.
  • Bergamot: Adding a bright, citrus freshness.
  • Rose: Enhancing with a floral, elegant touch.
  • Ginger: For a spicy, zesty kick.
  • Leather: Creating a rich, opulent depth.
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