Oak, a noble and sturdy wood, is a woody note celebrated for its robust, rich, and slightly sweet aroma. 

In forests across the Northern Hemisphere, oak adds strength and endurance to fragrances reminiscent of ancient woods and timeless traditions.

Fragrance Pyramid

Oak is often used as a Base Note in perfumes, providing a solid, enduring foundation with its rich, woody character.

Scent Summary

  • Robust
  • Rich
  • Woody
  • Slightly Sweet
  • Enduring

What Does Oak Smell Like?

Oakwood in perfumery presents a robust, earthy scent with subtle vanilla and spice notes, creating a rich, enduring fragrance that conveys strength, elegance, and a touch of smokiness.

I find its robust, rich, and slightly sweet woody aroma exudes a subtle sweetness and adds a charming depth to any scent.

Complementing Notes

Oak’s solid, woody nature adds a natural dimension to notes such as:

  • Vanilla: For a creamy, sweet balance.
  • Whiskey: Adding a bold, spirited dimension.
  • Tobacco: For a rich, smoky contrast.
  • Leather: Enhancing with a rugged, sophisticated touch.
  • Bergamot: Creating a fresh, citrusy contrast.
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