7 Fragrance Wearing Tips for Acidic Skin

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One of the most magical things about perfume is how it performs differently for everyone, enabling you to create a personalised fragrance that is yours alone. Layering perfumes can enhance this still further.

However if you have acidic skin then a perfume or fragrance may not seem to smell as it should.

Why Perfumes Can Smell Different On You

Different skin types react with perfume to make it smell differently, and what we eat or even medications can alter a perfume significantly.

For example, oily skin can intensify top notes in perfume and make a fragrance smell sweeter than on others. Dry skin can throw off top notes and make a fragrance disappear more quickly, so stronger base notes are best. Acidic skin can be another cause of scent changes.

The Problem With Fragrance If You Have Acidic Skin

If you have acidic skin, it means your skin has a lower Ph than normal. You may have an even harder time finding a fragrance for acidic skin. Plus making it last is a tricky as acidic skin alter and mute the perfumes overall tone, particularly the base.

Both my partner (yes men suffer with this too) and my sister suffer from acidic skin. I thought who better to ask about than the two people who have actual personal experience on the subject. Here is what I found.


Fragrance Wearing Tips for Acidic Skin

The normal pH balance of our skin is usually slightly acidic, but if your pH is too low, you may find that even strong fragrances don’t last for very long and their scent alters. Here are seven helpful tips to consider when choosing a fragrance for acidic skin:

1. Spray Your Clothes

While your skin may cause the fragrance to alter and evaporate more quickly, it should last a little longer on fabric. Once you have dressed, spray some fragrance on your clothes or on your accessories such as a scarf which will send out some of the scents as you move.

Fabric will not react with the fragrance, so it should still smell exactly as it does in the bottle. Just be careful for staining, test first on a hidden part of your garment.

2. Carry the Scent With You

Immersing some cotton wool balls in your favorite fragrance and carrying them in a pocket can help the smell to last a little longer. You could also try applying some perfume to your handkerchief or cut a handkerchief into strips that you can tuck into various parts of your clothing to make the smell emanate from a wider area of your body.

3. Spray Your Hair

Fragrances may not last long (or the fragrance will alter) on acidic skin, but your hair will not be affected. Applying fragrance to your hair means it will not only last longer but will also be released more frequently as your hair moves. Remember, the alcohol in perfumes can damage your hair so you may prefer to apply the fragrance to a hairbrush before running it through your hair.

4. Walk Into Fragrance

You can combine a number of the above tips if you spray the air in front of you and walk into the cloud of fragrance. This way, perfume should land liberally on your clothes and hair as well as your skin. Wearing the fragrance on a broader section of your body and clothing should help it last a little longer.

5. Apply Lotion to Your Skin

Choose an unscented body lotion and apply a layer to your wrists and neck where you will spray the perfume. This can create a sort of barrier between your skin and the perfume to stop the acid from affecting the fragrance so quickly.

A stronger balm or emollient may help the smell last longer and you need to choose a pH-neutral product to avoid adding any further acidic changes to your skin.

6. Layer Your Fragrance

Look for soaps and body lotions in the same fragrance range as your favorite product to try to layer the fragrance to help it last longer. This way, you spread the fragrance of a wider area of your body which will help it to last longer.

Soaps can be drying for the skin, but you may find this actually helps reduce some of the acidity. Experiment with a number of different types to find what suits you best.

7. Choose Perfumes Carefully

If you have acidic skin, you can never buy a fragrance blindly. Always apply a little to your wrist and wait ten to thirty minutes to see if it has changed, or even disappeared. As top notes evaporate most quickly, it might be best to choose a fragrance that is grounded in base or middle notes as these should naturally last a little longer. Eau de Parfum being stronger will last longer.


What Is The Normal pH Level For Our Skin?

The normal pH range of our skin should be between 4.5 and 5.5 making it slightly acidic. Pure water is deemed ‘neutral’ and has a pH value of 7. Anything below a pH of 7 will be acidic, and anything above a pH of 7 will be alkaline.

pH level chart
Image Source:WiKi Commons

How To Test The pH Level Of Your Skin

I would recommend you consult a healthcare professional such as your doctor or a dermatologist to get your skins pH tested. They will assess a number of factors such as your skins current condition, your diet, plus what skincare products you currently use. They may also use a skin pH tester.


Best Perfume For Acidic Skin – Women

My sister finds that Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford Eau de Parfum is the best perfume for acidic skin. It seems to be able to handle her lower pH without altering her scent too greatly, and lasts really well.

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Best Fragrance For Acidic Skin – Men

My partner Andrew finds that Sauvage by Dior Eau de Parfum is the best fragrance for his acidic skin. He has tried lots of other fragrances and has found this one works the best on him. He always smells lovely and says it layers really well with Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille



Having acidic skin can be frustrating as it alters the scent of the fragrance and can reduce it’s longevity. I hope you find the above tips informative and helpful. If you find you still struggle with your skin then I would recommend you consult your doctor or dermatologist.

Before you go, I have put together a reviewed collection of elegant perfumes ranging from timeless classics to modern day sophistication that I think you may enjoy.


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