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Title: Freelance Writer

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Over the last decade in the business as The Scottish Ghostwriter, I have turned my pen to projects of every type and size. From ghostwriting fiction to contributing to niche blogs, I have been lucky to work with people from every walk of life. Running through all of this, however, is a love of fashion and fragrance.

Perfume is one of the simplest forms of self-expression, but the complexities that exist
within each scent have fascinated me since I bought my own perfume for the first time at 16
(it was Dior Hypnotic Poison, and it ate up all of my first pay-cheque from a part-time cleaning job).

As a contributor to Viora London, I get to delve into a topic I love dearly on a regular
basis. Though I couldn’t be happier, I do worry about how I’m going to house my growing collection.

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