Lime, in its essence, is a burst of citrus freshness, adding a lively twist to any fragrance, and is cultivated in warm climates like Mexico and India. 

I find the fragrance note of lime brings an unparalleled vibrancy to perfumes, reminiscent of tropical breezes and exotic landscapes.

Fragrance Pyramid

In perfumery, lime predominantly serves as a Top Note, known for its immediate and energetic impact, offering a refreshing start to the scent journey. It belongs to the citrus group of notes.

Scent Summary

  • Tart
  • Vibrant
  • Fresh
  • Zesty
  • Green

What Does Lime Smell Like?

There’s a zesty punch to lime that is fresh yet complex, with a green, almost grassy undertone. Lime brings an effervescent and lively character to any fragrance.

The scent of lime has a vibrant and energetic tartness, and it’s impossible not to feel rejuvenated.

Complementing Notes

Lime’s tart and zesty nature pairs beautifully with various notes, creating refreshing and lively scents.

  • Coconut: For a tropical, creamy blend.
  • Mint: Adding a cool, crisp freshness.
  • Vanilla: For a sweet, comforting contrast.
  • Jasmine: Enhancing with a floral, exotic touch.
  • Teakwood: Creating a rich, woody base.
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