The mandarin is a sweet and tangy orange citrus fruit that is primarily grown in regions such as China and the Mediterranean. 

In perfumery, mandarin note offers a citrus note that imparts a bright, refreshing orange sweetness to fragrance reminiscent of summer holidays and sunlit groves.

Fragrance Pyramid

Mandarin typically serves as a Top Note, introducing fragrances with its lively, zesty sweetness.

Scent Summary

  • Sweet
  • Zesty
  • Bright
  • Refreshing
  • Juicy

What Does Mandarin Smell Like?

Mandarin in perfumery offers a bright, zesty orange citrus scent with a sweet and juicy profile, often characterised by a refreshing, uplifting, and vibrant quality.

For me, it’s the juicy, vibrant aroma of mandarin that adds a playful and cheerful citrusy touch that brightens one’s mood in an instant.

Complementing Notes

Mandarin’s bright, zesty nature pairs wonderfully with various notes.

  • Bergamot: For a citrus harmony.
  • Jasmine: Adding a floral, exotic touch.
  • Vanilla: For a sweet, creamy balance.
  • Cedarwood: Enhancing with a woody depth.
  • Green Tea: Creating a fresh, soothing twist.
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