Pear exudes a soft, sweet, and subtly juicy aroma, with a hint of watery freshness and delicate floral undertones, adding a light, elegant touch to the fragrance.

This fruit is widely cultivated, with notable varieties from Europe and North America.

Fragrance Pyramid

Pear is typically used as a Top Note, bringing a light, fresh, and subtly sweet fruity note character to a fragrance’s opening.

Scent Summary

  • Fresh
  • Sweet
  • Delicate
  • Juicy
  • Light

What Does Pear Smell Like?

The scent of pear in a fragrance is like a soft touch of spring. Its fresh, delicate sweetness is subtly juicy and light. I’m always captivated by its understated elegance, evoking a sense of gentle serenity and youthful freshness.

Complementing Notes

Pear’s light, sweet freshness pairs beautifully with various notes.

  • Freesia: For a crisp, floral contrast.
  • Amber: Adding a warm, resinous depth.
  • Green Tea: For a clean, refreshing twist.
  • Cedarwood: Enhancing with a grounding, woody base.
  • Lemon: Creating a zesty, vibrant lift.
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