Amber is a warm and enveloping resin derived from fossilised tree resin and often recreated synthetically in perfumery. 

In fragrance, this resin note exudes a cosy, rich, resinous warmth that is sometimes powdery, reminiscent of ancient forests.

Fragrance Pyramid

Amber is typically a Base Note, known for its lingering, warm, and sweet presence in a fragrance.

Scent Summary

  • Warm
  • Rich
  • Sweet
  • Cozy
  • Powdery

What Does Amber Smell Like?

Amber in perfumery exudes a warm, resinous fragrance with sweet, powdery facets, ideal for winter perfumes. It adds a luxurious, sensual, and long-lasting quality to fragrances.

I find amber incredibly comforting and luxurious, perfect for adding depth and a touch of mystery to any scent.

Complementing Notes

Amber’s warm richness pairs beautifully with a variety of notes.

  • Vanilla: For a creamy, sweet complement.
  • Sandalwood: Adding a woody, smooth depth.
  • Patchouli: For an earthy, rich contrast.
  • Rose: Enhancing with a floral, romantic touch.
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