Benzoin, a resin from the Styrax tree, native to Southeast Asia, is prized for its sweet, vanilla-like, and slightly spicy aroma. 

In perfumery, the resin note of benzoin brings a comforting, warm sweetness, often evoking nostalgic memories and a sense of soothing warmth.

Fragrance Pyramid

Benzoin is often a Base Note, known for its rich, warm, and sweet presence in a scent.

Scent Summary

  • Sweet
  • Vanilla-like
  • Warm
  • Slightly Spicy
  • Comforting

What Does Benzoin Smell Like?

Benzoin in perfumery offers a sweet, vanilla-like scent with resinous and balsamic undertones. Its warm, comforting aroma adds depth and sweetness.

For me, the rich, enveloping presence of benzoin is perfect for adding a touch of sweet warmth and cosiness to winter perfumes.

Complementing Notes

Benzoin’s sweet, warm character harmonises beautifully with a range of notes.

  • Patchouli: For an earthy, deep contrast.
  • Rose: Adding a floral, elegant touch.
  • Cedarwood: For a grounding, woody depth.
  • Lavender: Enhancing with a calming, herbal aroma.
  • Amber: Creating a rich, resinous blend.
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