Are The Benefits Of Expensive Perfumes Worth It?

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Perfumes can range dramatically in price and can cost thousands for the most sought after fragrances. Considering there such a price difference, it got me wondering if expensive perfumes really worth it or is this just all clever marketing?

Are Expensive Perfumes Worth It?

My research revealed a number of positive benefits of wearing an expensive perfume. They contain higher quality ingredients, last longer, are more exclusive, more desirable, plus you can feel more elegant just by wearing them. Below are 11 benefits of wearing expensive perfume I discovered.


Benefits Of Expensive Perfume

1.     We All Desire Rarity

Humans are a funny bunch. We consider rare or difficult to obtain items far more desirable. The more desirable an item, the more expensive it usually is because a premium can be charged for this desirability.

Diamonds for example are said to be a girls best friend. They are desirable to us because they are rare, valuable, and It takes an enormous amount of effort to locate them, mine them and precisely cut them.

Your partner could buy you a ring with an almost indistinguishable artificial diamond. Would you be equally as happy with an artificial diamond or prefer the feeling you get from knowing you have the ‘real thing’?

2. Feel More Unique & Exclusive

Woman in long dress

Designer handbags, bespoke shoes, limited edition watches, fine wines and high end jewellery are all more expensive than their cheaper counterparts.

It’s not because these item’s cost that much more to manufacture, yet we desire them more due to their perceived exclusivity and elegance.

We don’t wish to be seen in the same dress or wearing the same hand bag as the rest of the crowd.

Perfume is no different. If you wear an expensive perfume, then that fragrance will generate a far more positive feeling of exclusiveness and elegance in you than a cheap brand.

3. Stand Out From The Crowd

We all have a yearning to stand out from the crowd as an individual. This is demonstrated by the clothes we wish to be seen in, the handbags we carry, our home decor choices and of course the perfume we wear!

Do you want to smell the same as everyone else, or have an exclusive scent that says something about the precise individual that you are.

4. A More Sophisticated Perfume

Bvlgari Le Gemme Imperiali Eau de Parfum Gift Set

An expensive perfume will have a more sophisticated scent. It will be well composed with a perfect balance so not to be over powering, and give off different delicate subtle tones throughout the day.

An expensive perfume will have a more sophisticated scent. It will be well composed with a perfect balance so not to be over powering, and give off different delicate subtle tones throughout the day.

You could dowse yourself with car air freshener. Yes you will have your own ‘unique scent’, but is the sent you want to project to those around you of a ‘Eau de Ford Pickup’?

5. Finest Ingredients

High end fragrances from prestigious perfume houses such as Clive Christian, Bvlgari, Creed, Chanel and Dior all use the finest ingredients sourced from all over the globe.

6. Attention To Detail

Attention to detail is also key. There is nothing special or sophisticated about mass produced perfumes using lower quality ingredients and cheap looking packaging.

A perfume should feel that every detail has been taken care of. Sourcing and professionally blending the finest ingredients, the exquisite design of the scent bottle, and the heritage of the company.

For an example, Clive Christian’s Absolute Rose Crystal perfume oil requires hundreds of hand picked flower heads to produce a single drop!

And it does not stop there. Every beautifully designed bottle is then presented in a walnut burr box that is hand-made over four weeks by a team of craftsmen.

7. Longer Lasting Scent

Longer Lasting Scent

An expensive perfume tends to last longer than its cheaper counterparts thanks to quality ingredients such as essential oils.

Cheaper perfumes can have more of an artificial/chemical scent about them as they replace quality essential oils with cheaper alternatives that lack durability and longevity.

8. Your Scent Gives A Positivity Boost

Have you noticed how a particular scent can give you a certain feeling?

Your sense of smell is extremely powerful and can transport you back to your childhood days, make you feel happy, sad, sexy and a whole host of other emotions.

Studies have shown that if you wear the same scent each time you experience a positive feeling, eventually simply wearing that scent will give you that original feeling!

So best make that scent an expensive one and not some cheap knock off from the local market!

9. Where You Buy Your Perfume Is Important

Is Where You Buy Your Perfume From Important?

I personally feel it is very important. Let me explain why.

You are back on that first date and they ask where you bought your fragrance from. You can either say you got it discounted from the local store, or perhaps you would feel more positive if you could say it came from Harrods of Knightsbridge in London.

It’s not about impressing your date, or anyone else for that matter. It’s about the feeling YOU get when you answer the question.

10. Expensive Perfumes Smell Fabulous

There is a great story told by Christine Clifford where diners in a luxury restaurant were unknowingly served cheap instant coffee after their meal. Afterwards they were interviewed about their overall evening and were questioned on the taste of the coffee in particular.

Yes you have guessed it, they all thought the coffee was fabulous.

Check out the video below, Christine tells is the story so well.

Christine Crawford on Youtube

Why do I bring this up?

If a perfume is more expensive, presented in a beautiful bottle, rare or limited edition, has a story behind it and was purchased from a high class store, we hold more value to it. This generates positive feelings we long all for.

11. Appreciate That Special Feeling

Imagine you spent the last 36 hours climbing one of the worlds highest mountains. You reach the summit exhausted, half frozen to death but can at last enjoy the view and immerse yourself in that amazing feeling of achievement.

Whilst you sit there, soaking up every last drop of the moment you hear a helicopter. It lands right near you on the summit and out jumps a tourist with camera who takes a quick selfie then jumps back in and flies off.

My question is, who has the stronger and longer lasting positive feeling about the entire mountain-top experience?

(I imagine your question right now is what has this to do with perfume! Hear me out please.)

In life we are all actually searching for a feeling.


When I wear (sparingly!) the most expensive perfume in my collection it’s for special occasions. It makes me feel on top of that mountain every time I catch a subtle waft of it.

The feeling my perfume gives is for me alone, and for that reason, it’s priceless.

Before you go, I have put together a review of the most elegant perfumes ranging from timeless classics to modern day sophistication that I think you will enjoy.

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