Make Your Perfume Last Longer For Summer 2024: 6 Unique Tips

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As summer 2024 approaches, many of us look forward to sun-drenched days and warm, balmy, fun-filled evenings.

However, the heat can cause our favourite fragrances to run out of steam more quickly, especially EDTs.

To ensure you ladies smell incredible all day long, I’ve compiled six unique tips to help your perfume last longer this summer.


Make Your Perfume Last Longer This Summer

From clever reapplication techniques to strategic spraying spots, these 6 tips will keep you shrouded in your signature summer scent despite the soaring temperatures.

1. Reapply Like A Pro

Travel size perfumes

Ever wondered how certain people always smell great? Well, they are most likely carrying a cheeky travel-size bottle of their summer scent to reapply as it fades.

This game-changing solution allows you to refresh your scent whenever needed, especially after being outdoors or in the sun for extended periods.

Travel-size bottles are convenient and can easily fit into your purse, mini-bag, designer clutch, tote, or jacket pocket, making reapplication on the go super simple.

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2. Spray Inside Your Clothing

Spray perfume inside clothing

A lesser-known trick to prolong your summer perfume is to spray it inside your clothing. Lightly mist the inside of your top, dress, or even inside a jacket or summer cardigan.

Fabrics tend to hold onto fragrances longer than skin, offering a subtle yet lasting aroma that enhances your presence without being overpowering.

An added advantage is when you move about or open your jacket or cardie to cool down, a pleasing blast of your summer scent will be released!

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3. Layer The SAME Fragrance

I have found that same-scent-layering your chosen summer fragrance can significantly increase its longevity.

Start by applying your perfume as usual, then wait about 20 minutes before reapplying another layer of the same scent in the same spots.

This method allows the initial layer to settle and be absorbed by your skin, while the second application reinforces the scent, ensuring it lingers longer. Trust me, it works!

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4. Don’t Forget the Usual Pulse Points

Applying perfume to the pulse points

Applying perfume to your pulse points is a classic technique for a reason. These areas, such as your wrists, neck, and behind the ears, generate more heat, helping to diffuse and amplify the scent.

The warmth from these spots aids in the gradual release of the fragrance, making it last longer. Remember to avoid rubbing your wrists together after applying, as this can actually break down the scent.

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5. Spray Behind Your Knees

One unique pulse point that’s often overlooked is behind the knees. This area emits warmth as you move, helping to release your fragrance subtly throughout the day.

Spraying perfume behind your knees is particularly effective if you’re wearing a dress, skirt, or shorts, allowing the scent to rise and envelop you in a gentle, continuous aroma as you sit or walk.

6. Spray The Back Of Your Neck

Spray The Back Of Your Neck

I find that spraying perfume on the back of my neck is another excellent way to make my summer fragrance last longer.

This spot is warm and less likely to come into contact with other surfaces, preserving the integrity of your scent. Don’t forget to double layer!



Summer 2024 promises plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures, social gatherings, and (of course) chilling by the pool with a cheeky cocktail.

By following these six unique tips, you can ensure your perfume remains vibrant and long-lasting, no matter how high the temperature rises.

From carrying a travel-size bottle for touch-ups to strategically spraying inside your clothing and on unique pulse points, these methods will keep you enveloped in your favourite scent all day long.

Embrace these super-simple scent strategies to stay fresh, confident, and wonderfully fragrant this summer.

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