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3 Tom Ford Soleil Fragrances to Brighten Your Day With Sunshine

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No matter the season, we all need a little sunshine in our lives from time to time, so the Tom Ford ‘Soleil’ collection (part of the Tom Ford Private Blend line) should undoubtedly be on your ‘to-smell’ list.

With names like Soleil Blanc (sun white), Soleil Neige (sun snow), and Soleil De Feu (sun fire), this collection promises to take you on a bright journey through shimmering landscapes.

For this article, I ventured into the fragrant halls of Jarrolds department store to uncover the magic behind three standout TF fragrances from the Soleil collection: Soleil Blanc, Soleil Neige, and Soleil De Feu.


3 Tom Ford Soleil Fragrances (Tried & Tested)

best Tom Ford Soleil fragrances in store at Jarrolds in Norwich
Our visit to try the Tom Ford Soleil collection of fragrances

From summer’s warmth to winter’s chill, here is my take on the 3 Tom Ford Soleil fragrances that I recently got my hands on.

1. Soleil Blanc Eau de Parfum

Tom ford Soleil Blanc Eau de Parfum
Credit: Tom Ford


Floral & tropical, Soleil Blanc Eau de Parfum captures the essence of summer. “Perfect as my everyday scent in the summer,” says LaVieDansante68 on Reddit.

A sedate opening of pistachio and bergamot, spiced with cardamom, is lifted by a floral heart of tuberose, ylang-ylang, and jasmine.

The base is a warm, creamy concoction of coconut and resin, leaving a lingering trail of sun-kissed opulence.

Top Notes:

Pistachio, Bergamot, Cardamom, Pink Pepper

Mid Notes:

Tuberose, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine

Base Notes:

Coconut, Amber, Tonka Bean, Benzoin

Seasons & Longevity

I’d say Soleil Blanc shines brightest in spring and summer. Think beach outings and poolside parties to feel like you’re basking in the sun.

Its creamy and warm notes make it a go-to for both daytime and evening wear during the warmer months. Lasts 5+ hours.

Seasons: Spring,Summer
Longevity 5+ hours

2. Soleil Neige Eau de Parfum

Tom Ford Soleil Neige Eau de Parfum
Credit: Tom Ford


Soleil Neige Eau de Parfum is a radiant and fresh fragrance that mirrors the sparkling snow under the winter sun. “It is so fresh and beautiful,” says Stargazerlily425 on Reddit.

Zesty bergamot and a sprinkle of spicy carrot seed collide with a bouquet of white floral aromas, creating a scent as fresh as a winter breeze.

Upon dry-down, resinous benzoin and labdanum bring a warm, resinous touch that I feel rounds out the fragrance.

Top Notes:

Bergamot, Carrot Seed

Mid Notes:

Turkish Rose, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Karmaflor Captive

Base Notes:

Benzoin, Vanilla, Labdanum

Seasons & Longevity

Although Soleil Neige evokes the serenity of snowy landscapes, I would wear this beauty during any season as it’s a versatile daytime scent.

The longevity is around 5+ hours, providing a consistent scent that stays with you throughout your day.

Any Season
Longevity 5+ hours

3. Soleil De Feu Eau de Parfum

Tom Ford Soleil De Feu Eau de Parfum
Credit: Tom Ford


Soleil De Feu Eau de Parfum is a warm and seductive Tom Ford fragrance reminiscent of a blazing sunset.

This EDP opens with the intoxicating creamy floral aroma of tuberose, with amber adding depth and warmth as this scent develops.

The base dances between rich resin and smooth woody aromas for a seductive finish that lingers nicely.

Top Notes:


Mid Notes:


Base Notes:

Benzoin, Sandalwood

Seasons & Longevity

For me, Soleil De Feu is one for autumn, winter and early spring. Its rich and warm notes make it ideal for cosy evenings by the fire or intimate dinners.

The longevity of 6+ hours is respectable, ensuring that its warm embrace stays with you long after the sun has set.

Seasons: Autumn, Winter, Spring
Longevity 6+ hours

Ingrid’s Top Pick

Holding Soleil De Feu perfume

Soleil De Feu Eau de Parfum

My top pick is Soleil De Feu Eau de Parfum because its warming blend of resin, wood, and the contrasting floral kick of creamy tuberose feels luxurious and welcoming.

“The perfumer did an insane job,” says perfumer Aaron Terence Hughes during his review of Soleil de Feu on YouTube.



Whether you’re drawn to the creamy warmth of Soleil Blanc, the radiant freshness of Soleil Neige, or the sensual allure of Soleil De Feu, there’s a scent in this collection well worth discovering.

These fragrances come in both Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum concentrations, plus I noticed TF offers Neige body oils and atomizers for when you are on the go, too!

I never managed to test Soleil Brûlant Eau de Parum, so maybe you can get in touch and let me know your thoughts on that sunny TF offering.

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