18 Invisible Benefits Of Wearing Perfume

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There is an invisible World out there that we sometimes take for grated or completely forget about. The World of scent. The more I researched this fascinating subject for this post, the more I realised there is more than meets the eye (or nose for that matter).

Why Wear Perfume?

There are a multitude of positive benefits of wearing perfume from increasing your confidence, positivity, and overall well-being. You may even become a dating supernova or perhaps travel back in time. Here are 18 benefits you simply must know:


Benefits Of Wearing Perfume

Let’s now delve into the detail. Some of the benefits of wearing perfume you may already be aware of, others will get you thinking!

1. Increases Your Confidence

You are out for the evening wearing that killer outfit you just bought that fits perfectly in all the right places for that feeling of total utter confidence. Add a fantastic fragrance to the mix and it will supercharge your confidence even further.

The right fragrance can make you feel a million dollars, it’s that subtle yet incredible icing on the cake. The more times you wear a particular scent when you are feeling confident, the more you will associate that perfume with being confident.

In the end, just wearing that perfume (and some clothes of course!) can give you that same feeling of confidence. And most of us could do with a little confidence!

2. Smelling Fabulous Is Sociable

Although you may wear perfume mainly for yourself as it makes you feel a certain way, there is nothing wrong with smelling fabulous for those around you. In fact it’s your public duty!

Aside from the compliments you may receive for wearing a well-chosen scent, it can be a great conversation ice-breaker. If someone asks about your perfume you can tell them about it, where you bought it from, and ask that person about any perfumes that they enjoy.

It’s a simple way to get a conversation started and nab some new perfume tips too.

Your fragrance can also subtly alter the mood of those around you in a positive way. If you are wearing a certain fragrance that makes you feel and act in a particular way, you will notice a positive subconscious shift in those around you because of your body language.

3. Supercharge Your Positivity

Supercharge Your Positivity

Similarly to the confidence boosting properties that a certain scent can give you, positivity is another.

I wear a certain fragrance (Tom Ford’s Mandarino Di Amalfi) every time I go running, hit the gym or have some difficult work to do. Now whenever I wear that particular fragrance I am ready to go and feeling super positive. 

Try this out for yourself. Pick a fragrance and wear it each time you exercise or have a demanding task to achieve. After a few times you will find even just wearing the perfume gets you motivated. It’s like coffee without the caffeine.

We know we feel it with music, certain tracks can get us super positive and ready for action. By adding perfume into the mix is adding our fantastically powerful sense of smell into the equation too.

4. Feel More Attractive

If you smell amazing you will feel amazing.

How many times did you feel amazing and not feel even a little bit more attractive? These feelings go hand in hand most of the time.

Should your sense of self-worth and attractiveness take a bit of a hit as it can from time to time, ensure you always have a couple of mini purse sized sprays in your bag and choose one to boost yourself back up again. For an extra boost pop on some fantastic feel good music to get you feeling on top of the World. 

So forget what so-and-so just said as you smell (and feel) amazing.

5. Stand Out From the Crowd

Smelling fabulous means it may feel all eyes (and noses) are on you. If you fancy standing out from the crowd a little try a fragrance that is not used in your social circle. Perhaps it will be a little more expensive than those around you wear, or just not too mainstream.

High end perfumes are expensive for a couple of reasons. Firstly they of course cost more to produce due to quality ingredients, design and packaging. Secondly like many luxury items, they are purposely expensive to keep them exclusive so not everyone is wearing them.

6. Appear Elegant & Sophisticated

If you feel elegant and sophisticated inside you will appear elegant and sophisticated on the outside.

Wearing perfume that is perhaps a little more expensive and limited-edition than the norm does seem to trigger a feeling of elegance inside me. I just feel more special and sophisticated.

I have 2 perfumes that are quite expensive (for me) and I use them sparingly but do feel more refined when I wear them.

In my post Are Expensive Perfumes Worth It? I cover this interesting (and I feel a real) phenomenon.

7. Have a Something About You

Have a Certain Something About You

Have you ever met someone who have a certain something about them that you could not quite put your finger on? 

Fragrance is a bit of an undercover agent. It’s there messing with our subconscious mind but we don’t always notice it. Most of us wear fragrance every day but may not put much thought into it.

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I feel it’s important to be more deliberate with perfume, changing your scent depending on your mood or where you are going. Be that person who has a certain something about them!

8. Relive Awesome Memories

Have you ever noticed that a certain smell can instantly transport you back to a certain moment in time? Music does it too.

My late grandmother’s perfume was an English Lavender fragrance from Yardley. Whenever as a child I was brushing my hair at her dressing table mirror I would sneakily spray myself. She had it in one of those old fashioned perfume diffusers that you squeeze the squishy ball.

She always said smelling nice made her feel young again. She was so much fun, taking dancing classes up until she passed away at the age of 80. I feel she had a lot more years left in her but clearly God (or whatever you believe) wanted her to come and brighten up someone else’s day. 

To this day if I ever smell lavender I get transported straight back to that dressing table. Wonderful times.

9. Have Your Signature Scent

Although it’s great to have a number of fragrances to reflect (or alter) your different moods or feelings, choosing a timeless overall ‘signature scent’ is a lovely thing to do.

People just know that scent as ‘you’. Plus the great thing about perfume is it can smell slightly different from person to person thanks to the individual oils in our skin reacting with the fragrance. 

You may already have your signature scent and that’s awesome! If not, then take your time and try some different scents to see what perfume simply jumps out at you.

It may take some time but you will just know deep down it when you smell that perfect signature scent. I have put together a review of the most elegant perfumes (in my opinion!) that you may find helpful to get the ball rolling.

10. Be More Daring & Fun

Be More Daring & Fun

One of my all-time favourite movies is Yes Man. The main character ‘Karl’ (brilliantly not over acted for a change by Jim Carey) is the most unadventurous person alive and says NO to everything. After attending ‘The Power of Yes’ conference he has to say YES to everything, and his life changes. 

It’s a great comedy but the underlying message rings true. We all need to be a bit more daring and say yes to certain situations that we would normally say no to.

At the end of the day we will all be dead in less than 100 years so may as well experience life in a slightly more daring (but not dangerous!) way.

Perfume can certainly help as it can boost your confidence. And we all know deep down that people we look up to are all a bit more daring and fun than the rest of us.

11. Become a Dating Supernova

Dating becomes fun thanks to the invisible super powers of fragrance. Your increased confidence will make conversation a breeze. You will also be more relaxed and willing to chat about anything and everything.

Positivity will be pouring out of you so you will appear upbeat with a glass half full outlook on life. And let’s not forget your new found daring side!

Your date should thank their lucky stars that you turned up. 

12. Choose Your Scent to Suit Your Mood

Your scent is a fantastic way to express the mood you want to feel and project to others. Animals have been doing it for millions of years but seems us humans have been a tad slow to catch on.

There can be a scent for every emotion or occasion.

13. Improve Your Love Life

Improve Your Love Life

We already discussed about how you can choose a fragrance to suit almost every mood.

Want to seduce your partner for a night of passion? 

The benefit of choosing the same sensual fragrance for when you are feeling passionate has an interesting affect not only on yourself. The more you use that particular scent during times of passion with your partner, the stronger their association of that scent will be with being rather naughty.

As a fragrance can trigger various memories, may as well jog their memory at the same time.

So the next time your other half is sat on the couch watching something on Netflix, discreetly wear your preferred fragrance to drop a subtle hint.

14. Increase Your Popularity

I feel that people who consider perfume an important part of their core values are unknowingly boosting their popularity.

As we already know, wearing perfume can boost confidence, positivity and overall mood to name a few. These are all very attractive traits to have. I am sure it has not gone unnoticed to you that attractive people tend to be far more popular.

Although life shouldn’t be a shallow celebrity style popularity contest, there is nothing wrong with striving to connect with more people. It opens up more doors and opportunities in life. We are wired to connect to each other.

15. Boost Your Overall Health

I am no doctor but have often wondered if my use of natural fragrances at bedtime may have hidden health benefits. The power of fragrance can alter your emotional state by making you calmer, more confident, less stressed and have a positive outlook.

Can any of the above provide health benefits that we are only beginning to understand?

16. Increase Sleep Quality

Improves Sleep Quality

I feel that I sleep better straight after a relaxing bath of fragrant bubbles, some natural scented candles, then a dash of my favourite bedtime scent (Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Davana Cologne).

Try the opposite sometime and wear the scent you normally wear for your exercise class. I did this once and could not sleep at all! Ended up having a shower to wash it off to stop my crazy mind/body wanting to do 500 lunges followed by the downward dog.

I guess it’s a bit like listening to music that you normally exercise to just before bedtime.

17. Banish That Stress

Been feeling stressed all day with a trillion unachievable deadlines and your boss breathing down your neck? (Hopefully not literally)

Because our sense of smell is so powerful it can radically change our mood. We can flip in an instant from being the stressed out, multi-tasking, ‘work mountain’ climbing crazy person into a relaxed and calm human being once again.

So turn to a bottle of your most relaxing perfume rather than a bottle of Gin or Prosecco (that will only make things worse) to become more relaxed.

18. It’s a Gateway To Aromatherapy

It's a Gateway To Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the next step but may seem a bridge too far, perhaps being deemed a bit ‘out there’.

WebMD have an interesting article on the subject of Aromatherapy that discusses a number of benefits (below) that it can play a role in our overall health and well-being.

List item
List item
List item
List item


I feel there is certainly compelling evidence of the many benefits of wearing perfume. From altering your mood, sleeping better and feeling less stressed, adding fragrance to your daily routine seems a positive personal investment.

Before you go, I have put together a review of some rather elegant perfumes ranging from timeless classics to modern day sophistication that I think you will enjoy.

Please leave a comment below if there is a perfume you would like to share that gives you a positive feeling!

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