When Does The Zara Sale Start In 2024? (Summer Sale Now On!)

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We all love a bit of Zara and the great news is that the Zara 2024 summer sale is now on! This is the perfect time to stock up on your summer clothes, holiday essentials and Zara perfumes, too.

This popular clothing retailer offers a wide variety of affordable on-trend clothing for men, women, and kids. The brand is well-known for its frequent sales, offering up to 70% off on selected items.

Be it Zara perfume, clothing or accessories, if you’re looking to save money on your next purchase, here’s my latest update on the upcoming Zara sales in 2024, plus details on their new special prices collection.

Zara 2024 Sale Dates

when does the zara sale start

Zara Summer Sale 2024 (It Has Started!)

The Zara summer sale for 2024 is now on. It started on Wednesday, 26th June 2024 (9 pm EST) on the app, and in-store and online on Thursday, 27th June 2024, and will run until early autumn/fall.

Zara Easter Monday Sale 2024

The Zara Easter Monday sale will run in-store and online this year on Monday, 1st April 2024.

Zara Winter Sale 2024

The Zara winter sale should begin on Monday, 9th December 2024 (online) and in-store on Tuesday, 10th December 2024, running until early January 2025.

Zara Black Friday Sale 2024

Zara also offers a Black Friday sale every year. This sale will normally start on Black Friday, Friday 29th November 2024 (the day after Thanksgiving) and runs for several days. You can expect to find fantastic discounts.

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Zara Special Prices

Zara Special Prices

Big news! Zara has recently launched a discount collection called ‘special prices’ for both the Zara Woman and Zara Man departments, where you can grab bargains all year round. Here are the links.

Zara WomanZara Man
Zara Woman Special PricesZara Man Special Prices

Expert Tip: The Zara Newsletter

Zara newsletter

In addition to these primary sales, Zara also offers occasional deals on specific items or collections. I highly recommend signing up for the Zara US newsletter or the Zara UK newsletter to be notified of upcoming sales and promotions.

8 Extra Tips For Shopping In The Zara Sale

Zara shopping tips

1. Set A Budget

Let’s face it; it’s easy to overspend during a sale, so it’s essential to set a budget before you start your Zara shopping extravaganza.

2. Plan Your Shopping Trip

Take some time to browse the Zara website or use the app in advance to help you narrow your shopping list and maximise time in-store.

3. Try The Zara App

If you find using the website a bit fiddly on your phone, you may prefer the Zara app. Here is the Zara App for Apple phones and also the Zara App for Android phones.

4. Be Flexible

The best deals tend to go quickly, so be a little flexible with your choices. If you don’t find the precise item you are looking for, maybe try something new.

5. Check Zara Online Special Prices

Zara’s online store has a special prices page that often has different sales and promotions than in-store sales.

6. Zara Coupons & Vouchers

Although Zara does not officially offer discount codes on their website, you can try these Zara promo codes I found online to save even more money.

7. Zara Gift Cards

Is your birthday or anniversary coming up? Try hinting that you would like a Zara E-Gift card to help with the cost of sales shopping.

8. Ever Tried Zara Pre-Owned?

Check out the Zara Pre-Owned website, where you can buy or sell used Zara clothing for women, men and kids and discounted prices!

Shopping For Zara Perfumes

zara perfume

We have written several Zara fragrance articles for women and men to ensure your Zara fragrance shopping experience is quick and easy. Each of these articles (below) has been recently updated in 2024.


With these helpful shopping tips in mind, you can save big on your next Zara purchase. Don’t forget to sign up for the Zara US newsletter or the Zara UK newsletter to keep in the loop for every upcoming promotion.

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