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Selena Gomez Perfumes: Why These 2 Scents Are A Hit

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From her breakout role as Alex Russo in Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place to more mature roles in Spring Breakers and Only Murders in the Building, it’s fair to say that Selena Gomez is a versatile talent.

The star ventured into the world of fragrance in 2011, starting a modest perfume collection that reflects her vibrant, youthful spirit and her love for all things elegant.

I love that although her perfume collection currently consists of only two fragrances, Selena Gomez Eau de Parfum and Vivamore Eau de Parfum, they are very different, plus, I adore the bottles!


Selena Gomez Perfume Review

From girly and sweet to fresh and elegant, here are two Selena Gomez perfumes that invite you to experience a piece of Selena’s world.

1. Selena Gomez Eau de Parfum

Selena Gomez Eau de Parfum
Credit: Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez Eau de Parfum is tropical, fruity, and sweet that was launched in 2011. It captures the essence of the pop star’s vibrant and playful personality.

A burst of delicious pineapple and raspberry transitions into a heart of freesia. Upon dry-down, it settles into a seductive base of rich chocolate and vanilla.

Top Notes:

Orange, Pineapple, Peach, Raspberry

Mid Notes:

Freesia, Musk, Blackberry

Base Notes:

Amber, Vanilla, Chocolate, Coconut

Seasons & Longevity

Thanks to its fruity and floral composition, this EDP leans more towards spring, summer, and early autumn. Think daytime outings, casual gatherings, or even a fun night out.

This scent lasts 4+ hours with a moderate sillage that leaves a memorable trail behind you without being overwhelming.

Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Longevity 4+ hours

2. Vivamore Eau de Parfum

Vivamore Eau de Parfum
Credit: Selena Gomez


Vivamore Eau de Parfum was released in 2013 and exudes a more fresh, refined and sophisticated aura, in my personal opinion.

The fragrance starts with fresh melon and tea notes, moves into a delicate floral heart of lily, and concludes with a warm, sweet base of sugared vanilla.

Top Notes:

Melon, White Tea

Mid Notes:

Calla Lily

Base Notes:

Caramelised Sugar, Tahitian Vanilla

Seasons & Longevity

Vivamore shines in spring and summer, when its balance of fresh and sweet notes is suitable for daytime wear, such as afternoon lunches and maybe a spa day!

Lasting 5+ hours, with a sillage that is both fresh yet enduring, making it a go-to for those special moments.

Seasons: Spring,Summer
Longevity 5+ hours


I was surprised to learn that her perfume collection currently only consists of two scents. Surely, it’s time the star puts together another fragrant offering for fans!

In the meantime, from the playful sweetness of Selena Gomez Eau de Parfum to the sophisticated, elegant freshness of Vivamore Eau de Parfum, there’s a scent here that fans will resonate with.

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