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Very Good Girl vs Good Girl (Compare)

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The Carolina Herrera Good Girl collection of fragrances have been hugely popular since the launch of the dark and sensual original Good Girl Eau de Parfum back in 2016.

There have since been several beautiful Good Girl flankers released, so to help you decide between these two fragrances, I am comparing the 2021 release of Very Good Girl vs Good Girl (original). I have also included my video review too!


Very Good Girl vs Good Girl

Armed with my own full bottle of Good Girl Eau de Parfum and an official sample of Very Good Girl Eau de Parfum, it’s time to compare Very Good Girl vs Good Girl.

1. Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl Eau de Parfum

Very Good Girl Eau de Parfum
Credit: Carolina Herrera


Launched in 2021, Very Good Girl Eau de Parfum is a heavenly blend of lush fruits and vanilla with a soft floral twist. Perfumers Louise Turner and Quentin Bisch created this scent.

A contrasting opening of sweet lychee and juicy redcurrant ensures Very Good Girl smells delicious from the start. A soft floral heart of rose blooms beautifully for added wow.

Upon dry-down, smooth vanilla and woody vetiver provide a discreet base, but never overpower the delightful aroma of fruits and rose.

Settling to a fruity/rose combo with hints of sweet vanilla, this delicate fragrance feels fresh and inviting. Similar to Parfums de Marly Delina Eau de Parfum.

The striking red elongated stiletto shoe is weighty and has a lacquered black upper section and stunning gold heel. The red outer box is finished with a soft velvety material as per the original scent.

Top Notes:

Lychee, Redcurrant

Mid Notes:


Base Notes:

Vetiver, Vanilla

Seasons & Longevity

This pretty feminine fragrance works well for any season and occasion. I would wear this more of a daytime scent for shopping trips or lunches and it is also office safe.

As for performance, you can expect 6+ hours of wear with good sillage and projection.

Any Season
Longevity 6+ hours

Benefits & Drawbacks

ProsBeautiful fruits and a delicate rose note
ConsMore of a daytime-only scent as lacks depth

2. Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum

Good Girl Eau de Parfum
Credit: Carolina Herrera


The iconic Good Girl Eau de Parfum is a beautiful oriental white floral fragrance with the added darkness of coffee and cacao. British perfumer Louise Turner created this classic CH fragrance, launched in 2016.

A fresh citrus opening is sprinkled with almond flakes and coffee, Good Girl Eau de parfum is unashamedly decadent and gourmand. White floral notes of tuberose and jasmine bloom from the heart and are joined by soft rose.

Upon dry-down, creamy tonka bean adds almond/vanilla, while cacao and praline ensure further dark sweetness. Settles to a vanilla/white floral with dark chocolate and coffee.

The elongated, stiletto heel bottle embodies the Carolina Herrera aesthetic. The stiletto shoe has a deep yet slightly transparent blue and looks classy. The lacquered black upper section and fabulous gold heel look fab.

Also, consider Hugo Boss Alive Eau de Parfum as it is quite similar (I own both!).

Top Notes:

Almond, Coffee, Citrus

Mid Notes:

Jasmine Sambac, Tuberose, Rose

Base Notes:

Tonka Bean, Cacao, Praline

Seasons & Longevity

As for when to wear, Good Girl Eau de Parfum is ideal for autumn/winter and even creeping into spring. Versatile enough to wear relaxing at home or fully dressed to impress on a night out.

The performance of this scent is good and you can expect 5+ hours of wear with decent sillage and projection. Lasts really well on clothing but watch out for staining.

Seasons: Autums, Winter
Longevity 5+ hours

Benefits & Drawbacks

ProsA feminine fragrance that gets lots of compliments
ConsShould last a bit longer on skin

Very Good Girl vs Good Girl – Comparison

Good Girl Eau de ParfumVery Good Girl Eau de Parfum
Viora Says… The original Good Girl Eau de Parfum fragrance is darker with cacao and vanilla and works well for the colder seasons and leans more towards eveningwear. Viora Says… Very Good Girl Eau de Parfum is more girly, it’s fruity and floral and I feel more suitable as an any-season daytime scent.

Best Smelling Good Girl Perfume

Of the two fragrances reviewed, the winner has to be the original Good Girl Eau de Parfum. I love the richness of the vanilla and cacao, plus the white florals add brightness, confidence and femininity.

Very Good Girl vs Good Girl: Video Review

Our Very Good Girl vs Good Girl Video Review on Youtube


Overall, both of these Good Girl fragrances are well-balanced, feminine and perform pretty well. I recommend you try both fragrances in-store and decide which one you prefer, but do let them dry down for at least 20-30 minutes before making your final decision.

You can easily add both of these fragrances to your collection as the original Good Girl fragrance works well for the colder seasons and leans more towards evening, whilst Very Good Girl is more of an any-season daytime scent.

Don’t forget to check out my full review of the entire Carolina Herrera Good Girl collection.


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